Building and living your bank or credit union brand is challenging. After all, if it were easy financial institutions would be perceived as an Apple, Google or Coca-Cola (some of the best brands going today). Instead, most banks and credit unions come across as boring.

Why? Because most financial institution brands are boring. One way to avoid becoming a boring brand is to read 30 Ideas to Build And Live Your Brand.

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So now I’m going to review my own book. Yes, I’m the author of 30 Ideas to Build and Live Your Brand. So I’m obviously biased. But before you think I’m just writing this column to sell more books, keep in mind that I’m offering the e-book for free. That’s right. You don’t have to pay a dime for it. Not because it’s not worth anything! Because I’m passionate about branding and the role it plays in your bank or credit union’s success.

So what are some of the key ideas? Here are just a few.

  • Know What Branding Isn’t—Rather than start the book with some academic definition of branding, we start by examining what branding is not. Bank and credit union professionals can learn a great deal about the true nature of branding by spending a little time learning what branding is not. We explore more about what branding is not in the book.
  • Avoid Death by a Thousand Cuts—Brands are living, breathing entities (good ones, anyway). But just as brands can live, they can also die. While brands can die quickly, a slow erosion is more likely to take place. In other words, your bank or credit union brand can die a death by a thousand cuts. We examine multiple ways you can avoid this brand death.
  • Send The Right Message in Every Detail—Everything in your credit union or bank is communicating. While marketing pieces are important, they are just a tiny blip on your branding radar. As many branding experts say, “Everything matters.” But not only does everything matter, everything communicates. There are thousands of details every day that are sending messages to consumers about your financial institution. In the book we look at the top five.
  • Maintain Brand Momentum—This is a common problem many financial institutions face. Let’s be honest: branding often fails at the staff level. The executive team and board draft a brand plan, identify key targets, develop a vision, mission and message and train employees on the new brand. Then three months later it all dies when the staff doesn’t live the brand. We must reinforce the brand with employees every day. But how do you do that? The book gives five suggestions.

Those are just a four of the tips from 30 Ideas to Build & Live Your Brand. The book offers 26 more ways to help your brand grow.

If you want your credit union or bank to succeed with your branding efforts, then download your free copy of 30 Ideas to Build and Live Your Brand today.