The importance of using online video in your digital marketing portfolio will only continue to grow. Increasingly, banks and credit unions invest more money every year in using video to attract new consumers and retain existing ones.

While it is now obvious that consumers are drawn to video content online, you must remain aware of exactly the kind of video for which they look. Simply slapping something in front of the camera will not necessarily do the trick. According to a recent study from Accenture Interactive, there are caveats to consumer video affinity.

  • You must use innovative video technology and strategies. Is your video content optimized for both traditional computer screens and mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)? Are you simply posting videos to your website, or are you concurrently running them on social media platforms where your consumers are likely to congregate? Golden 1 Credit Union recently utilized a compelling video strategy in a sneak-peek of the opening of the Golden 1 Center.
  • You must support a cause in which consumers believe. More and more, consumers (especially Millennials) are drawn to brands to support causes in which they believe. Do your videos clearly show your bank or credit union involved in local community events?
  • You must provide humor. Yes, humor is tough. However, the financial institution that can pull off genuine and authentic humor in its video strategy is a step ahead in the game. For example, check out this Pinterest page.
  • You must provide visually appealing video content. Your video content must also catch the eye. You simply can’t get away with two people talking in front of a white background anymore. Your video, in order to catch the consumer’s eye, must offer deeper and richer visuals to compel attention. GTE Financial accomplishes this in their “Magic Minute Dash” video.

You spend time and money on your financial institution videos. It makes sense that you fine-tune them for success. Using innovative strategies, supporting causes, employing humor and presenting visually appealing content are keys to making this happen.