Strategic Lessons From the Toys R Us Death

I have to admit: a part of my childhood died when Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy. I vividly remember going to their stores, playing with every toy on my wish list while singing their jingle (“I don’t wanna grow up because if I did, I wouldn’t be a Toys R Us kid!”). My...

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Three Consumer-Friendly Marketing Tips

As banks and credit unions continue to attempt wooing the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of consumers, marketers must find increasingly people-friendly ways to achieve this goal. It's only by growth (both acquiring new consumers and increasing existing consumer...

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Your Brand Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

While working with a client during a recent brand workshop, a member of the credit union leadership team offered a sage comment. After two days of intensive brand education and discussion, he kicked back, smiled and said “You know what? I learned branding isn’t really...

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