Several credit unions (see Verity Credit Union’s Verity Moms and Fort Worth Community Credit Union’s Gabby) have used blogs and social media to engage females. One credit union is going in the opposite gender direction with its Stone Age Dad blog/social media strategy.

Stone Age Dad is the brainchild of Neighbors Federal Credit Union (Baton Rouge, LA; $600 million; 68,000 members). The blog is a humorous take on pregnancy and the preparations that come with being a first-time parent from a guy’s perspective. All done through the lens and sponsorship of Neighbors Credit Union.

The Stone Age Dad is actually Brett Reynolds, vice president of marketing for Neighbors Credit Union. “The blog is primarily about engagement,” Reynolds says. “We’re actively looking for ways to engage our members and to make a more personal connection with them.”

As a financial institution, Neighbors FCU is not just doing a dad or parenting blog just to blog about something random. They are linking their social media efforts to their overall strategy.

“Obviously there is a financial aspect to starting a family so we’re working budgeting into a lot of the posts” Reynolds said. “We are also developing a financial literacy seminar on getting your financial house in order for parenthood. We already conduct over 50 financial education classes a year for members and the community, almost half of them are held in our branches. The blog gives us a new topic to cover and is a great addition to the campaign.”

Neighbors FCU is also seeking to use the blog to humanize its brand. “We are using it to spotlight our financial literacy program and hoping it serves as a conversation starter on our social media platforms,” Reynolds added.

The local press (including the Baton Rogue Parents Magazine) has already generated additional coverage for the blog and credit union. “We’re beginning to see comments from readers,” Reynolds said. “Young adults can relate because they’re currently going through the same process or recently just started their own family.”

So what is next for Reynolds, his Stone Age Dad blog and the credit union? After all, in less than nine months he’ll move expecting father to actual dad.

“Nothing is finalized yet but we know that we do want a blog element included in our online presence,” Reynolds said. “In some ways, this is a test to see if the formula works.  If we can find the right contributors, we may do a series on life experiences where Stone Age Dad would become the first of many.”