On the Mark Strategies recently visited with Ed Bourgeois, President and CEO of MyEZ Car Care Auto Service and Travel Network. MyEZ Car Care is a way for credit unions and banks to add value to their auto loans; making it less a transaction and more of a value added experience.

OTMS: What does MyEZ Car Care do for consumers?

Bourgeois: I remembered clearly from years working in banking and lending that many people, even with brand new cars, didn’t take time to maintain their vehicles. By that I mean regular oil changes, tire rotations, vehicle performance check-ups; pretty much all the things recommended that people do to maintain and prolong the lives of their vehicles. As lienholders, we look at vehicles as collateral and of course have an interest in their upkeep. As consumers, people care about their cars as well but may lack the time, organization or commitment to keep regular records and stick to maintenance schedules. That’s where MyEZ Car Care comes in.

OTMS: In what ways can MyEZ Car Care help consumers, including bank and credit union customers with car loans, do that?

Bourgeois: MyEZ Car Care makes it simple. With tools like electronic glove box desktop and mobile app, consumers can easily keep track of their vehicle maintenance appointments and jot them down. They can also review real-time consumer recalls on vehicles should that happen. It’s a great way to stay in-tune with your vehicle.

OTMS: What are some other advantages to using MyEZ Car Care?

Bourgeois: When consumers use MyEZ Car Care, they have access to our large and growing network of service providers, including discounts on auto repair, service and maintenance as well as travel discounts at hotels, rental cars and vacation destinations. Consumers can save big by essentially getting fleet pricing using these discount options available only through MyEZ Car Care.

OTMS: How does this help credit unions, specifically?

Bourgeois: We’ve worked hard to co-brand everything about MyEZ Car Care for our credit union partners. The credit union logo will appear on all materials, including the discount card. This helps with credit union top of mind and brand awareness efforts. MyEZ Car Care offers credit unions a terrific co-branded program that helps their members save money and safeguards vehicle collateral to a greater extent that before. We have over 40,000 current users and look forward to growing our relationships with credit unions and their memberships.

For more information about MyEZ Car Care visit their website at www.myezcarcare.com.