We all have one: a personality type. Some of us have Type A personalities: driven to high performance and constantly moving. Some of us have analytical personalities: preferring a more thoughtful approach to projects. Some of us are extroverts and some of us are introverts.

Your marketing also has a personality type. Just like your credit union or bank has a culture, it also has a personality.Personality - 1

Here are a few credit union and bank personality types:

  • Stuffy & stodgy—This is the traditional personality many financial institutions have. If you have lots of wood paneling, a traditional teller line, offices with giant desks, a website designed in the 90s and a CEO who is never seen then you are stiff. And really, who wants to do business with you?
  • Old school & old fashioned—There is no school like the old school. If you are using tons of multi-colored brochures, a glossy 10 page annual report with big pictures of the board chairman and CEO, and a direct mail newsletter then go back to the last century. Because that is exactly where you are.
  • People & service—“What makes your bank or credit union different?” I often ask clients. They typically respond with words like “people,” “community” and “service.” Really? Then you are just like everyone else. I’ve yet to drive down a highway and seen a billboard that says “Come To Our Bank: We Hate People,” or “Our Service Stinks.” The most memorable personalities are those that are unique. If your personality is about people and service, then you are boring.
  • Unique & Entertaining—Brands that stand out are brands that are different. Winning personalities are unique and entertaining. With this personality type, you have fun and you educate. You engage consumers rather than sell to them. Your branches have a retail look rather than a bank branch look. Your website is modern and an extension of your digital strategy. Examples of financial institutions with this winning personality include Umpqua Bank, Ally Bank, ING, Verity Credit Union and Fort Worth Community’s Gabby.

Over time people’s personalities can change. And so can your credit union or bank. If you are not happy with your marketing’s personality then take the steps to change it. Determine your brand and voice. Develop a true value proposition. Identify your target audience. Then design creative promotions that use new mediums (video, social media, digital channels, e-mail, mobile banking, etc.) to maximize your reach.

So, what is your marketing’s personality type?