This is Halloween week. A time for ghosts, haunted houses, tricks or treats. And monsters—lots of monsters. Some banks and credit unions allow their employees to dress up on Halloween. In some cases, there is no telling what costumes they will wear to work: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Superman from DC Comics, a minion from Despicable Me.Happy Halloween - 1

What if your employees came as a “sales monster?” Think of yourself as the famed Dr. Frankenstein, crafting a creature from various body parts (okay, that’s a little morbid, but after all, it is Halloween). How would you create a sales monster for your financial institution?

Below are some key ingredients every sales monster should have:

  • Passion—You start building your sales monster with the right attitude. No amount of the
    items below will help your sales monster if they don’t first and foremost love
    sales. That means loving people and loving helping people. For more about the
    right passion, check out the post “Your Employees Need the Selling Mindset.”
  • Knowledge—How well do your employees really know your products and services? My guess is not as good as they should. People don’t sell what they don’t know. When creating your sales monster, focus a great deal of time on teaching your creatures (employees) about your products and services. (Side note: be careful not to teach them just the product features; then they tend to “feature dump”; rather teach them the product’s benefits).
  • Focus—By focus, I don’t mean focus on sales. Today’s best salespeople focus on what is best for the customer or member and not necessarily the institution. If you focus on service, the sales come.
  • Care—As I said in a previous post, “Smarmy sales guys are dead.” If all your sales monster is worried about is their own numbers, that shows. It’s not sincere. It’s an old saying but it’s true: “people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization—especially community banks and credit unions. But sales don’t happen automatically or by osmosis. To increase our product numbers, we need to create sales monsters.