BrandThe title for this post is a little misleading. Branding is not easy. It’s hard work, takes time and requires significant resources. However, branding is also not overly complicated.                       

Rather than go into great detail about various aspects of branding, let’s examine quick and easy things you can do to improve your brand.

(This is similar to the recent post Twenty Quick Marketing Tips).

So here goes: 

1)      Communicate your brand to your staff. Every. Single. Day. 

2)      Ask your staff, “what is our vision or mission?” The answers might surprise you. 

3)      Don’t use the words “service” or “community” anywhere in your brand. They are overused and one of the keys to a successful brand is uniqueness. 

4)      Fire anyone who is not on board with your brand. Don’t even hesitate. 

5)      Measure your brand through the net promoter score. 

6)      Collect stories from consumers who love your brand. 

7)      Put your vision and mission statement through the B.S. Meter.                                     

8)      See if your brand is fun. If it isn’t, make it fun. 

9)      Conduct a yearly or quarterly brand rally or meeting with all employees. 

10)  Educate your staff on what branding really is. 

11)  Make sure your CEO is talking about your brand on a regular basis. 

12)  Conduct a brand audit

13)  Develop a graphics standard manual if you don’t already have one. 

14)  Shorten your brand message. Six words max. 

15)  Match your brand to your target audience. Your brand can’t be all things to all people. 

16)  Say “no” to certain events, promotions and activities. One of the worst things you can do is take your brand in the wrong direction. 

17)  Consider updating an old logo and website. It is 2014. 

18)  Devote adequate resources to branding. Stop giving it lip service and start giving it some money. 

19)  Partner with like-minded brands on a project. 

20)  Tell your brand story in a short video. 

So there you have it. Twenty easy branding tips you could start today. 

What other suggestions would you recommend?