Typing - 1 In marketing, good writing matters. Think about how often we are exposed to the written word every day just in e-mails, texts, tweets and Facebook status updates. Words have more power than ever in the digital age. The quality of your writing and the way you express yourself have a strong impression on consumers and impact the image consumers have of your financial institution.

Even with the explosion of video and audio content on the web, writing has significant advantages over these forms of media. Not only is it the foundation of video and audio content that relies on scripts. Writing also is more easily searchable. It is easier to produce and edit. It downloads more quickly and is printable.

So, what constitutes good writing? Good grammar, for sure, but good writing is more than correct grammar. It responds to the interests and needs of the readers. It has a clear purpose and makes a point. It includes details to support the point. The information is clearly connected. The words are appropriate and the sentences are concise.

Good marketing writing has all of these characteristics. It also is reader-centered. It tells the reader what’s in it for him or her and focuses on the benefits of your financial institution, not just the features of your products. Online banking may be a feature of a checking account. The benefit is that it saves consumers time and money.

Good marketing writing uses the appropriate voice at the appropriate time. For example, a blog post or status update on Facebook is conversational. A letter to customers or members about a change to their accounts is more formal. A newsletter for kids is more fun in nature than a newsletter for adults.

Good marketing writing informs without offending. It produces desired results. Many times, good marketing writing also tells a story. Storytelling has been scientifically proven as an effective marketing strategy. Research shows that storytelling activates the part of the brain associated with experiencing events. As a result, the brain reacts as if we are the ones experiencing what we hear.

Strong copywriting also is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). As the technology search engines use to produce search results gets more sophisticated, strong, original content is the best way to ensure your financial institution pops up high in consumers’ search results.

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