Marketing - 1Marketers are wordy people. After all, that’s why we’re in marketing. There are many times marketers say too much. Yet all too often, marketers don’t say enough.

But quantity is not the issue when it comes to marketing verbiage. It’s the quality of our words that speaks volumes. If you’re a financial marketer, you are faced with a unique set of challenges (grow, grow and grow your bank or credit union while also living with budget cuts). So what should financial marketers say more often?

Consider these phrases:

  • “Our brand is not our logo”—At every possible moment you need to explain to staff, executives and board members what exactly branding is. And what your brand is.
  • “Of course I can have this done yesterday”—We all work with deadlines. When you ask when a project is due, just assume it should already be complete.
  • “You pay me to provide my opinion”—Say this one carefully or you risk getting labeled a troublemaker. But when possible, gently remind others that you know more about marketing than anyone else in the organization.
  • “Help!”—You can’t do all the marketing tasks on your own. It’s okay to seek help and spread the marketing love. If you don't get help you’ll be running around doing so much work and projects eventually you’ll need psychological help.
  • “Marketing touches everything”—From the bathroom to the boardroom, marketing is all encompassing. Whether it’s your branches, brochures or break rooms there is nothing that marketing does not impact.
  • “Yes we can”—Always assume it can be done. Marketers are “can do” people. Be known as the person in your organization that accomplishes tasks in a timely manner.
  • “No”—While this seems to contradict the quote above, the reality is you can’t promote everything at once. Stop adding extra items and messages in your marketing pieces. Keep your marketing materials focused.
  • “Not everyone is a marketing expert”—From board members to tellers everyone has an opinion about what makes good marketing. Just because an 80-year old board member didn’t hear or see your ad doesn’t mean it wasn't effective.
  • “Everyone is in marketing”—Your front-line staff. Your CEO. Your executives. Your board members. Your accounting personnel. No matter the position, we are all in marketing. They may not know it yet, but they all are marketers (not experts; see point above).
  • “Please don’t raise goals and cut the marketing budget at the same time”—Marketing has a budgeting target on its back. That’s fine and to be expected. Just make sure growth goals are also reduced if the marketing budget is reduced.

Those are just ten suggestions. What are other things you think marketers should say?