Email - 1Note: The following post is provided courtesy of Paul Jaramillo, president/CEO of Documatix.

In a study done last year by The Financial Brand, cross-selling and deepening relationships was the number one marketing priority for the year—making the onboarding period more relevant than ever. Onboarding refers to the brief period of time after a new account is opened at a financial institution.

However, marketers know that onboarding goes much deeper than that. It’s a chance to create a relationship with new account holders while you’re still fresh in their minds. During those first three to six months you anticipate future needs, establish open communication and provide information for navigating your financial institution.

As the 2014 trend of reaching new account holders continues its importance, Documatix examined how you can couple your email marketing efforts with an onboarding program to make it as effective as possible. As the year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your strategy and see if it’s working or if you would like greater results.

We’re releasing a new marketing tool that is specifically designed to automate onboarding campaigns.

According to a study, just a few years ago only 40% of credit unions had an onboarding program. As that number continually climbs, Documatix wanted to give financial institutions an innovative way to take digital onboarding programs an additional step. Here are three reasons to focus on automated onboarding:

Higher Retention

Member retention is key for marketers in the financial world. Since word-of-mouth is an extremely influential factor driving people who are looking to switch financial institutions, you can develop a personal relationship with account holders during the onboarding period that inspires them to spread the word. Retention is also an extremely important factor for cross-selling, which leads us to our next point.

Service Expansion

Do you know what percentage of your account holders use more than one service? If it’s less than you’d like, onboarding can help you bump up that number. Informing existing members/customers about the other products or services you offer is most effective during the initial onboarding period. They’re focused on the new relationship and how it relates to their money. In fact, if you’re able to meet additional financial needs within this time members are much less likely to leave your financial institution.


When preparing an onboarding campaign for new members and customers, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re tailoring it to what they want to see. This ensures that they’ll open your marketing emails in the future and take advantage of your promotions. That’s why our onboarding tool will allow you to set a campaign rule to be as granular as you want. For example, if a homeowner age 50-60 opens a new checking account you can choose to send them specific email information about mortgages and retirement planning.

For more onboarding tips check out our blog here. Do you currently have an onboarding system at your financial institution? What are some tricks you’ve learned?