Check-Up - 1Most everyone hates going to the doctor. Even a routine physical is a pain in the…..well, you get the idea. Whether it’s “turn and cough” or “roll up your sleeve and give us a blood sample,” the experience is less than desirable. However, those regular check-ups are critical to our overall health. They can give you an overall health picture, spot warning signs and catch serious problems before they develop. In some cases, they might even save your life.

It’s the same way with your marketing. You need to routinely check your marketing for its effectiveness. Otherwise your messages can grow stagnant, your visuals can become lame and your results can turn lukewarm.

So how do you conduct a marketing check-up? One simple option is to have a colleague from another part of the country review your materials. Simply get a second set of eyes to give you a second opinion. You are probably too close to your marketing efforts not to be biased. Get that fellow marketing professional to offer their insights.

Another way to give your marketing a check-up is to formally conduct a marketing audit. Just like a personal physical looks at every part of your health, a marketing audit looks at every part of your credit union or bank. From mystery shops of your own branches to mystery shops of your top competitors. From reviewing your marketing plan and calendar to reviewing your organizational chart. From examining your budget to examining your strategy. A marketing audit covers it all.

For example, we recently conducted a marketing audit for one of our clients and reviewed over 100 individual marketing pieces (annual report, brochures, electronic efforts, signs, web site, etc.). That review led to insights they were immediately able to implement to improve their efforts.

A good doctor will not just tell you your current health. He or she will also give you recommendations for improving. A marketing audit does the same thing. Once the review is complete, you will receive strategic and tactical suggestions for improving your marketing. Examples could include working on your brand, reallocating expenses or offering more technology products. Odds are there are areas you can improve strategically.

When was the last time you gave your marketing a check-up? Just like you don’t want to go too long without having a physical, if the answer is longer than two or three years on your marketing review then you better march yourself to a marketing doctor.