Happy Halloween - 1This is Halloween week — which means ghosts, ghouls and goblins of all sorts will soon roam the streets in search of trick-or-treat candy and other goodies. It’s a fun time of the year: when people can don costumes and be the monster, character or other personality of their choice. Family traditions like bobbing for apples, carving jack-o’-lanterns and going to haunted houses abound.

With all the focus on fright, Halloween is also a good time to think about a few things that should scare you about your brand. But have no fear — we are also going to talk about things you can do to help solve those challenges and allay those fears.

Here are three things that should scare you about your brand — and ways you can help ease those fears.

  • Even if you don’t think you’re branding, you are. Every single consumer interaction – whether in person, over the phone, via email or on social media channels — brands your bank or credit union. Exactly how it brands your credit union or bank — for good or bad — is up to you.

    Solution: ensure your branding efforts are for the positive. Work with every staff member until they know that they are an integral part of your brand. People are going to walk away from your bank or credit union with an opinion: everyone’s job is to make sure that opinion is a good one.

  • Your brand is just a name and logo. If this is what your staff, board or management thinks branding is all about, you’re due for a good scare. Branding is exponentially more than just a name or a logo. It is who your bank or credit union is, your corporate identity, the DNA of your existence in front of members and customers.

    Solution: staff education about the true nature of branding is critical. Work to realize that branding is far more than just colors on a brochure and words on a website. Your bank or credit union brand is a living and breathing thing. Nurture it like it is.

  • Your brand lacks support from the top. Does your bank or credit union president buy into the brand? Do other C-Suite executives (like COOs and CFOs) care about the brand? If not, your branding efforts are probably dead in the water.

    Solution: strive to gain the buy-in of executive leadership. In order for your brand to survive and thrive, you must have this. Other employees simply won’t buy into the brand if they see that their bosses don’t. Get your executives on board with the brand to help improve your overall branding efforts and awareness. Maybe schedule morning coffee with your CEO to discuss branding. Better yet, get him or her to devote an entire meeting with the executive management team about the brand.

Halloween is a spooky time of year. It’s also a good time to focus on things that should scare you about your brand. Here’s hoping your Halloween when it comes to branding is more treats than tricks.