Happy New Year - 1Happy New Year!

As you start this first week in January my guess is your “To Do” list is quite lengthy. Not just your daily tasks (check e-mail, motivate your staff, attend a management meeting, etc.). But also your 2015 list of goals to help your bank or credit union grow (market loans, add new members/customers, improve your brand, etc.).

If you want to achieve your 2015 goals, there is one simple word that is more important than any other: focus. In other words, make focus your focus in 2015.

There are probably many things you are doing at your financial institution that you should stop doing. Stop trying to be all things to all people. Stop promoting multiple products and services with a single communication piece. Stop having a list of five or more strategic initiatives.

Instead, focus. Focus your brand. Focus your promotions. Focus your strategy.

There are probably also too many priorities at your financial institution. Market loans, checking accounts, investments, convenience services, business accounts, ancillary products, etc.  Lower expenses, improve operating ratios, reduce staff, update branches, maximize margins, etc.

Instead of having a giant list of 2015 projects, focus. Focus your priorities. Focus your staff. Focus your financial institution.

There are many paths to success. Rather than traveling down each road, pick one. You are far more likely to succeed in 2015 if you focus on the few rather than the many.