I have a confession to make. I like the Meghan Trainor song All About That Bass. I don’t just like it: I listen to it (even when my girls are NOT in the car). It’s on my playlist when I run. I even nod my head and tap my feet when it’s playing.

Don’t tell anyone this but I even know most of the words.

And speaking of the lyrics, what if we changed her song title to All About That Brand and updated the words just a bit. It might go something like this:

  • “I’m all about that brand, ‘bout that brand”—Is your credit union or bank ALL about your brand? The reality is branding touches everything. From the boardroom to the break room to the bathroom. If your brand is not permeating every department, every branch and every strategy then your brand will struggle. A strong brand is consistent because it’s “all about the brand.”
  • “I can brand it brand it like I’m suppose to”—When it comes to your employees, are they living your brand like they are suppose to? If you ask your staff, “What are we about?” would the answers be all over the place? Many financial institutions struggle with the brand because their staff is not living it. A brand is strong because their team members “brand it like they’re suppose to.”

For those of you that don’t want to change the lyrics, there are actually a couple of the phrases within All About That Bass that have branding applications. Consider the following:

  • “See the magazines working that Photoshop”—Do the graphics you are using in your branding and marketing materials contain “perfect people?” In other words, stock photography and images? Those people are not real! And most importantly, they probably don’t look like the consumers that frequent your credit union or bank. Use real people rather than Photoshop people.
  • “Don’t worry about your size”—Some financial institutions see their size as a negative. We are not as big as Bank of America, Chase or Wells Fargo. So what? Leverage your local involvement. Implement the “own the circle” strategy. Demonstrate how your level of personal service provides consumers an advantage that those big box banks simply can’t do. Use your size to your advantage.

According to Meghan Trainor, the key to attracting someone is to remember that “it’s all about that bass.” When it comes to attracting consumers to your credit union or bank, it’s actually all about that brand.