As part of the overall branding process when working with bank and credit union partners, we typically walk them through exercises and scenarios that help determine key elements including vision, mission and employee message.

A recent credit union partner, however, decided to take it a step further, identifying their specific passions as important enough to include in their overall branding plan.

Nymeo Federal Credit Union in Frederick, Maryland ($257 million assets, 24,000 members) executive team members stepped up their brand game by identifying the following passions as key elements of their comprehensive brand identity. Specific passions identified were:

  • Helping members live better lives
  • Becoming a lifetime financial partner with our members
  • Making member financial education a priority
  • Having a positive impact in the communities we serve

“When we entered the branding process, our executive management team felt strongly that taking time to identify and discuss the passions that drive us as a credit union was important,” said Kristina Morgan, Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing for Nymeo. “We have a fun, quirky and eclectic brand — and specifying the passions that drive that brand was an important part of our overall branding exercise.”

As discussed in a previous blog post, you have to love your brand in order for it to succeed. Your bank or credit union must identify the things about which it is passionate, endeavor to hire passionate people and subsequently train for specific skill sets.

By identifying key things they are passionate about, the executive team at Nymeo elevated their overall brand plan to a higher level. Instead of flying blind and relying on clichéd and hackneyed passions like “good customer service” and “friendly employees,” they delved deeper into their brand genetics for specific and authentic direction, concentrating specifically on lifetime relationships, financial education and strengthening community ties.

Certainly, elements such as vision, mission and employee message are important parts of overall brand plans. However, to capitalize on the time and energy bank and credit union executives put into branding, they are well served to also spend time discussing and discovering the specific passions brought to the table when it comes to dealing with consumers.

So, what is your bank or credit union passionate about?