Your strategic plan is probably already in place. In fact, it may even be collecting dust now on one of your shelves or in your employees’ inbox. This time of year there are so many distractions that it’s easy to press pause on some of our key strategic initiatives.

However, now is a perfect time to make sure you are setting yourself up for a fantastic year. Great years don’t just happen. You must be intentional with your efforts.

There are three steps you can take now to have a great year:

  • Reflect
  • Review
  • Recharge

Reflect on your annual plans. You might have set those plans in place a few months ago during a strategic planning retreat. Odds are, things have changed since that session. Now is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on your budget and think about what you are going to do different this upcoming year. So after the gift exchange or office party close your office door for a few hours and just reflect.

Review key areas of your credit union or bank. There are several key areas (such as marketing, staff service, sales, training, etc.) that are going to determine if you succeed or fail in the upcoming year. If that is the case, are you spending any time reviewing those areas to ensure they are performing at peak levels? One practical step you can take is to conduct a marketing audit as soon as possible. The quicker you analyze your marketing the quicker you will see positive growth results.

Recharge your batteries. This is an incredibly busy time of year. It’s easy to become overwhelmed both personally and professionally. You don’t want to start the year tired, disengaged and overwhelmed. Make sure you are devoting part of your workday to activities such as reading, visiting with employees and bringing fun into the workplace. And when you are away from the office, stay away. This means not checking e-mail and not even thinking about work.

Time flies. Before you know it, the first quarter is already going to be in the books. Make sure you avoid a strategic plan drift by reviewing, reflecting and recharging now.