There are thousands of ways to define branding. One formal definition says branding is “the process of determining your competitive advantages, building an institutional culture, a brand strategy and a business strategy to those advantages, and then communicating that brand effectively and consistently.” In other words, branding is a strategic process and not a one-time project.

My favorite definition of branding is branding is “who you are.” It is the sum of everything you say and do.

However, branding is more than just a definition.

In reality branding is:

  • How your employees answer the phone
  • How you greet consumers
  • How your branches look from the outside
  • How your branches look on the inside
  • The promises you make (and keep)
  • The service you provide
  • The way you treat your fellow employees
  • Your on-hold message
  • How your employees dress
  • The way your bathrooms smell
  • The attitude you bring to work
  • The way you run meetings
  • The speed with which you respond to a request
  • How well your website is organized
  • How easy your mobile app is to use
  • The big things
  • The little things
  • Your strategy
  • Your tactics
  • Your culture

In sum, branding is everything.