Ah, emojis. Those cute little digital images that people can’t seem to resist sticking in text messages, emails and social media platforms.

Remember the good old days when you actually had to type colon, dash, close parentheses to get a smiley face? How barbaric! There are now hundreds if not thousands of detailed emojis to help you cover pretty much every emotion, holiday, animal or situation. And if your smartphone doesn’t have the right emoji for you, you can even make your own.

Since brands are supposed to be the distilled essence of your bank or credit union identity, shouldn’t you be able to express it in terms of an emoji? If so, which one would you use? Following are a few suggestions.

“The Love Eyes Emoji” Are you all about the love? Is your bank or credit union in love with its consumers? And, more importantly, do you express this love to them, every day and in every possible interaction? If so, the “so in love” emoji might best suit your brand.

“The Frustrated/Confused Emoji” Is your brand confusing? Is your bank or credit union professing to be fast, easy and convenient — it is anything but that to your consumers? This is a brand-new gap and is extremely frustrating to consumers. You can’t say one thing and then actually behave in a different way. You must be true your brand.

“The Wearing Sunglasses Emoji” Is your brand super-cool? Do consumers just love you? Are you hip, with it, in with the times? Does your bank or credit union offer the latest electronic bells and whistles, all with a supercool Fonzieheeeeeeey?” Then you might consider the “my future so bright I’ve got to wear shades” emoji.

“The Bored/Blah Emoji” Is your brand the opposite of cool? Are you boring, blah, square, etc.? If so, consumers have little reason to pick you out from the crowded consumer marketplace. If you are the traditional “teller cage and mahogany wood everywhere” financial institution, odds are consumers are bored to tears of you. Your brand could use some refreshing.

“The Pile of Poop Emoji” We’ll just leave this one right here. If this is you, you know you are.

That’s just a few of the thousands of emojis out there. If you had to pick one, or even a sequence of a few, to represent your brand, which would they be and why?