As a Star Wars geek, one of the movies I’m looking forward to most this December is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As an all-new adventure it is sure to be a box office success.

However, when it comes to your credit union or bank brand, you never ever want to “go rogue.” You know what that can look like:

  • A branch puts up a homemade sign or poster
  • Someone’s logo wear gets washed with the wrong load and you suddenly have a pink logo
  • The loan department gets desperate to hit their growth goals and they do their own promotion
  • A well-intended vendor shrinks your logo to an unrecognizable blob
  • An entire division feels marketing isn’t doing enough and takes matters into their own hands

Those are not rogue adventures. They are rogue disasters. While you don’t want to serve as a logo or brand Nazi you do have to guard your brand at all costs. Remember, your brand is the most valuable asset you have.

Here are three ways to avoid people, departments and others “going rogue” with your brand:

  • Use brand ambassadors—You can’t do everything yourself. So stop trying. Rather than monitor every single branch, department or area get others on your team by creating brand ambassadors. You can even call them brand champions. But whatever their title, enlist someone from every branch to be responsible for following the brand look and brand behaviors.
  • Conduct brand training—People can’t live what they don’t know. If you have not trained your staff on your unique brand (and most importantly their role in living that brand) then you are sure to have individuals do their own thing. Brand training includes teaching your staff you unique value proposition, your vision, your targets and the role they play. Your brand is only as strong as how your people are living it.
  • Monitor brand standards—Employees can’t meet your expectations unless you hold them accountable. More than likely you have brand gaps in your organization. These are the gaps between what you say your brand is about and what your employees actually do. If your standards are to say hello, shake the consumer’s hand, asking engaging questions and offer a product, how do you know they are doing that? One way to make sure your people are living up to your brand standards is to conduct a marketing audit or mystery shops.

Successful brands are consistent. That means the same brand message and look across all delivery channels, all experiences and all touch points. Bringing that level of consistency to your credit union or brand means eliminating the rogues.