For the past couple of decades, if you wanted a go-to dump-on source when it came to talking about poor customer service, the cable television industry was your guy. Consumers routinely (and usually rightfully) griped about lousy service, bad attitudes and those infamous “installation windows” that usually meant you had to take a day off from work to be home at their convenience.

Recently, at least one cable provider has made an effort to improve its service and its reputation. Time Warner Cable, capitalizing on sour consumer sentiment, launched a series of commercials with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.

Banks and credit unions are certainly not immune from negative public sentiment. While we talk a lot about great service, a wide variety of products and easy accessibility, consumers may not see it that way. Just because we pat ourselves on the back about something in the boardroom does not necessarily mean it translates that way to Main Street.

To ensure your consumer service is authentically good and received well by the communities you serve — you might consider a marketing audit. As the creator of the bank and credit union marketing audit, On The Mark Strategies is expertly positioned to conduct a deep-dive into your marketing and brand strategies and tactics. A marketing audit also takes a close look at your competitors during mystery shops and, often with compelling results, also reveals quite candidly how your own staff reacts to a new potential consumer during high-stakes internal mystery shops.

A marketing audit will also give you suggestions for overall improvement, money-saving ideas and industry best practices all with the forward progression of your brand in mind.

David Estridge, EVP of Christian Community CU (Covina, CA, $624 million assets, 31,000 members) said after a marketing audit with On The Mark Strategies: “Everything matters. From the logo on the pen to how we answer the phone, how our lobby looks and the friendliness of our website. Every aspect of who we are and what we do or not do impacts our brand.”

To make sure your bank or credit union isn’t riffed by consumers like the cable guy, check out this short video on the power of a marketing audit and contact Mark at (214) 538-4147 or for more information.