Note: This entry authored by Taylor W. Wells, Communications Director for On The Mark Strategies

Disclaimer: I’m an avid user of the Tile product and think it does a terrific job of what it claims to do. I’ve used it several times to locate lost items. The proofreading typo above, while unfortunate, isn’t really a rip on the product.

However, the problem with that is — the typo headline really is a rip on the product. Think about it. Consumers trust this gadget not only with their money but also with important devices like smart phones, wallets and even luggage. Would you feel comfortable entrusting the safety of items important to you to a company the couldn’t spell “dorm” correctly?

The photo above keenly emphasizes the importance of what most banking credit union marketing professionals consider a boring and menial task — proofreading. But it proves that, even in our high-speed age of social media, branding and reputation management, the devil is still the details.

As these examples prove, no entity, large or small, is safe from poor proofreading. Heck, Jay Leno made lousy proofreading (and writing) a mainstay of his tenure at The Tonight Show with the recurring “Headlines” routine. And I’ll never forget a newspaper ad from around twenty years ago from a local veterinarian office promising “free rabies with every pet spray or neuter” (forgetting the key word vaccine). Free rabies? Heck, yes!

The same thing applies to your bank or credit union. Typographical errors, whether in print or in digital format, can erode consumer trust in your brand.

Yes, proofreading is a real pain in the butt. The last thing you want to do after you spend hours creating content for a particular piece is to go back over and read it, line by line and word by word. But you simply must.

You should also allow an outside set of eyes to take a look at your content. A natural byproduct of producing content is allowing our eyes to glaze-over as we read and reread the same words. This outside set of eyes gives a fresh take on your content and is an invaluable source to help make sure the words you’re producing are the words you meant to say.

Proofreading is nobody’s favorite thing to do. But if you value your bank or credit union brand, you’ll take the extra time to ensure your content is accurate.