In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last several years, you’ve probably noticed video content has taken over as king of social media feeds. If your bank or credit union has an active social media presence (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you!?), you must use video to reach members and potential members.

As one example, on Twitter alone, video content stats are staggering. Of the 800 million Twitter visitors a month, 82% actively engage with brands they follow. From these brands, 51% expect news, 49% expect information, 48% expect viral content and 40% expect entertainment. And when it comes to the kinds of tweets you send, keep in mind that videos are six times more likely to be retweeted that photos and three times more likely to receive retweets than static GIFs.

In all of your video content (and not just Twitter) there is a common thread to videos that are watched all the way through. Close to 50% of videos that are watched to completion include something called sequential resolution; that is, a problem that was set up at the beginning of the video is solved at the end. This is an old trick used in 30- and 60-minute television episodes and the same formula applies here. Viewers expect to see some sort of challenge or dilemma solved, neatly and tidily, in a 30-minute TV show or your 30-second online video.

Here are a few extra video tips to keep in mind when crafting your online content. These types of videos tend to receive the most consumer attention:

  • Those that feature prominent branding in the first five seconds
  • Those built around some kind of live event
  • Those with captions and visuals (many people watch mobile videos with their sound muted)
  • Those optimized for mobile viewing (on Twitter alone, 93% of video views are on mobile devices)
  • Those that feature people in the first few seconds of the video

For a terrific example of a credit union using video to build its unique brand, check out Nymeo FCU in Frederick, Maryland.

Your bank or credit union simply must offer video content if it is to attract the attention of social media users. Make video an integral part of your overall digital branding strategy.