This post authored by Colleen Cormier, Account Executive for On the Mark Strategies

I love reality TV. I know. Cue the groans. I can’t help it. There’s something about bad parents, mean dance teachers, and yes, even the occasional Real Housewives cat fight that keeps me captivated. Oddly, the show that currently has me mesmerized includes none of the above.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team follows the audition process for the cheerleaders from the first day of try-outs through eight weeks of intense training camp. The female side of me is fascinated by women wanting this so badly that they are willing to hear people tell them they need to lose weight, take more dance classes, change their hair color, etc.

The marketing side of me is in awe of how protective this organization is of its brand. From the curl in their hair to the placement of rhinestone stars on their shorts, these candidates are expected to be perfect. And if they don’t look good on the six-story-wide jumbotron at the Cowboys’ stadium, they get cut from the team.

What would happen if you put your financial institution’s brand on a jumbotron (which sees a whole lot more than if you put it under a microscope)? Would you see perfection, or would you find flaws that need to be fixed? Here are some things to look for:

  • Employees are dressed appropriately, well-groomed and adequately trained
  • Branch offices look attractive, not cluttered with irrelevant materials
  • Branch offices and their bathrooms are clean and smell good
  • Sales aids (brochures, product sheets, etc.) contain current information/pricing
  • Tellers and loan officers are not eating at their desks
  • Customers/members are greeted as they enter the branch
  • Atmosphere matches brand personality (if you say you are fun, people should be having fun)
  • Your marketing materials all have a branded look (can be recognized even without a logo

Obviously this is not a complete list, but it’s a good start on the things you should monitor on a regular basis. You should also put your expectations in writing so that every employee understands your brand and has the tools to live it every day. After all, they are your brand ambassadors.

No brand is perfect – not even the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Every so often, an employee has a bad day, your branch gets messy or cluttered or your employees get busy and forget to greet someone as they enter the branch. When you put your brand on the jumbotron, so to speak, and you take a hard look what is going right and what is going wrong, you give yourself the ability to fix flaws quickly and maintain a strong and healthy brand.