Rome didn’t fall in a day. Most knots take time to unravel. And that irritating frayed string on your favorite Christmas sweater, if left uncut, can eventually ruin a garment.

The same thing applies to the brand at your bank or credit union. After all, you spent a great deal of time, energy and resources in creating and launching a brand. Now the job is to ensure the integrity of your brand over the long-term. Letting all that work and investment go to waste simply isn’t an option.

Here are a few ways you can help ensure your brand integrity.

  • Active policing. As the person (or people) in charge of brand integrity at your bank or credit union, you must be active shepherds of that brand. This means getting out from behind your desk, patrolling the branches and interacting with staff. It also means making the hard calls when it comes to enforcing the brand with employees.
  • Developing a brand playbook. Also sometimes referred to as the “brand manual,” a brand playbook outlines in minute detail exactly how the brand is to be lived. Employees should refer back to this brand manual on a regular basis to help reinforce the expectations your bank or credit union has when it comes to living the brand.
  • Continuous training. You probably have some sort of brand kick-off party to celebrate the formal launch of your brand. After that probably came a period of training to the brand. But brand education only starts there. Your bank or credit union must work to ensure continuous training for both new and tenured employees so the brand and its importance is fully integrated in their minds.

If you pick at that thread on your sweater, without repairing it, eventually it will unravel the entire thing. The same principle applies to the brand at your bank or credit union. Don’t let all that hard work fall to the wayside. By active policing, developing a brand playbook and continuous training, you help provide the framework for a strong brand for years to come.