Check out this YouTube video. It’s several years old, but the message about customer service and brand are still vitally relevant.

In it, the disgruntled Taco Bell customer displays the food she claims to have received earlier that day. As you can tell by the video, somebody, somewhere really messed up.

The disgruntled customer clearly and eloquently lays her opinion on the line: “Even though this is fast food and I don’t expect five-star service, this is simply about caring and paying attention to details when you’re working. This says ‘I don’t care what goes out to the customer.’”

That’s a powerful indictment against a well-known fast food brand. Given our age of instant social media access, this consumer was able to quickly and easily post a video expressing her disappointment with the service and the food.

What does the way your employees live the brand say about your bank or credit union? Even though we’re talking loans and checking accounts instead of gorditas and tacos, the same lesson applies. Your brand is your statement to consumers establishing a promise of service excellence. It doesn’t matter how terrific your collateral marketing material looks or how many heads nod about the brand during employee meetings — all that does matter is how every single member of your staff embraces the brand lives it in front of consumers.

Brand buy-in is critical. In the case of this video, a Taco Bell employee (or employees) dropped the brand ball and got negative exposure and feedback in front of a wide audience. Can your bank or credit union afford the negative brand impact that comes from showing your consumers you simply don’t care? Odds are, no.

That’s why every member of your staff, from the CEO’s office to frontline positions and everyone in between must live the brand. Every day. At every consumer interaction. Every dropped brand ball can (and often will) come back to haunt you. So make sure you take care of your consumers in the way your brand promises. And don’t stick a melted taco box inside their gordita.