This entry authored by Taylor W. Wells, Communications Director with On The Mark Strategies

A few weeks ago I was in my favorite local grocery store when I came across a rotisserie chicken. Rotisserie chicken is great but there was something special about this one. You see, it was seasoned and topped with bacon. Not just any bacon. “Real bacon.”

This item wasn’t on my shopping list and wasn’t entirely practical for feeding my family. But — it had bacon! I love bacon. Just looking at the word on the packaging and the picture was enough to sell me. I walked out of the grocery store that day the proud new owner of a beautiful bacon-topped rotisserie chicken.

Successful brands are in many ways driven by purposely-selected buzzwords. Advertising in general is also propelled by those words. You probably know many of them from living as an ad-bombarded consumer. Some of the more powerful brand-propelling buzzwords include:

  • Save
  • New
  • Love
  • Healthy
  • Free

And the list could go on. Does your bank or credit union focus on select buzzwords that help propel your brand?

It’s not a matter of simply slapping a word on a direct mail postcard or on your website. The word must be authentic and true to your bank or credit union brand culture. It must also ring authentic and true with your consumers. For example, if you tell consumers you are buzzword “friendly” or buzzword “fast,” then you’d better be friendly and/or fast. If not, savvy consumers will quickly see through your ruse and you are in danger of developing a brand gap.

Buzzwords are called buzzwords for a reason. They buzz in people’s heads, resonating true and generating potential consumer response. Your bank or credit union brand is no different and must offer brand buzzwords that are legitimate and motivating.

And if you can find a way to stick bacon in there somewhere, more power to you.