Similar to traditional media, scoring a celebrity endorsement of your product and service using the social media clout of celebrities is big business. More often referred to as influencers on social media, brands that use these endorsements can score big with consumers. Examples include Norman Reedus with Chevrolet and Justin Bieber with Calvin Klein.

Odds are, your bank or credit union won’t be able to pick up celebrity endorsements like that for use on your social media channels. However, you have an important asset at your fingertips that, in many ways, outstrips celebrity endorsements. We’re talking about using your own staff to help propel your brand image on your social media platforms.

Why would you want to do that? Turns out there’s some very compelling reasons.

  • Brand ambassador stories. Consumers can sniff out inauthentic endorsements quickly. Nothing’s massive authenticity more than employees of the bank or credit union that not only worked there but also use the products and services. These brand ambassador stories are golden when it comes to relating to your consumers.
  • Captive audience access. Instead of searching out “celebrities,” you have a captive audience of staff members you can access free of charge. And more often than not, they are willing to share their unique bank or credit union brand experiences.
  • Creating new stars. You never know where the next social media shooting star will come from. You might have someone on your staff that is a natural fit for the medium and excels as an online storyteller. Doesn’t matter if it’s a teller, someone who works the back office or your CEO. All that matters is – does the story of personality match the brand as you want it represented on your social media platforms?

Increasingly, consumers turn towards social media for information about products and brands. This includes your bank or credit union. Work now to capture the unique voice of your staff and use it to help propel your social media brand voice online.