Moviegoers’ obsession with superhero -related films continues unabated. This year alone, theaters screened Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse (they sure do love using colons in superhero movies!). The most current superhero flick is Doctor Strange (which I admit I have an interest in seeing).

There are plenty of superheroes out there. If your bank or credit union brand was represented by a superhero, who would it be and why?

Following are a few examples.

Superman: Your brand is a tried-and-true classic. Truth, justice and the American way. Red white and blue. Straight-forward, to the point and uncluttered. What consumers see and hear is what consumers will get. And they can always depend on you. A good example here is AmeriCU Credit Union.

Batman: Your brand, while appealing, has a dark side. Maybe your brand’s parents were murdered in an alley like the Caped Crusader’s (unlikely). Regardless, people recognize your brand by the powerful symbol it employs. For Batman, that’s the Bat-Signal shining on the gray clouds hanging over Gotham City. For your bank or credit union, it’s a bold logo and tagline expressing exactly who you are.

Hulk: Your brand is a bruiser. Unrefined, uncultured yet powerful. There aren’t a lot of subtle nuances to your brand and it is a brand of few words. Rather than tiptoeing through dark alleys or flying high overhead, your brand prefers to smash walls and break doors to make an impression. A good example here is Navy Federal Credit Union.

Aquaman: Your brand is lame, unappealing and in desperate need of help. Sorry, Aquaman fans. It’s true.

The superheroes that appeal to our inner psyches say a lot about us as human beings. The brands that appeal to us also say a lot about the banks and credit unions that use them. Branding is not a job for the timid or faint-hearted. Rather, it’s a job for superheroes dedicated to hard work, success and a higher purpose. Whatever superhero best fits your brand, approach it boldly and courageously.

Unless it’s Aquaman.