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in Laramie, Wyoming is well-known locally for having a fun, vibrant and college-centric brand (which makes sense, as Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming).

However, a 2016 college football upset victory gave a whole new meaning to the words “fun and vibrant.” Playing against ranked Boise State at home, UW notched a last-second safety for the victory. The ensuing end zone dance (paired with the 1982 Men Without Hats pop hit “The Safety Dance” led to some great video/brand thinking at UniWyo FCU.

“The whole town was fired up after the game,” said UniWyo VP of Marketing Mindy Uitterdyk. “Laramie is a college town and our credit union is proud to serve the students and staff of the University of Wyoming. In our marketing and brand, we strive to create a voice that will resonate with this market. After the upset victory over Boise State, and using a little pop-culture knowledge, doing our own ‘Safety Dance’ video was a no-brainer.”

The credit union created its own version of the now-famous end zone celebration dance by taking a crew of managers (including its president) to the actual end zone of War Memorial Stadium to have a little fun with the music and the dance. “The university actually put on a “Best Safety Dance Video’ contest in which we were happy to take part,) added Uitterdyk.” We did have to show some of the younger staff members the classic video so it would make more sense, but everybody had great fun with it in the end.”

The credit union heard terrific feedback about the video from its members and the community at large. “We really think the video speaks to the culture of our credit union”, said Uitterdyk. “We recognized that our college crowd was totally hyped over the game and we decided to join in on the fun with a video that capitalized on the moment and helped express the cool, generationally-impactful brand we’ve developed over the years.”

The credit union used the video across various social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube and its own website where, in total it has gathered thousands of views, comments, likes and shares.

As we have noted in past blog articles, video is a terrific way to attract consumers. UniWyo FCU hit on all cylinders when it comes to their recent “Safety Dance” video, including an innovative strategy, supporting a cause in which consumers believe and employing humor. Other financial institutions can learn from this compelling example.