This article contributed by Taylor W. Wells, Communications Director with On The Mark Strategies

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to check out The Lego Batman Movie at a local theater. A terrific mix of kid-friendly humor with plenty of shout-outs to the old-school Batman (think Adam West and Michael Keaton), the movie was a hit with both children and parents in the audience.

Spoiler Alert: While I won’t give away much in case you haven’t seen it yet, a recurring theme in the movie is that in order to succeed (both personally and as the Cape Crusader) Batman must learn to work less as a loner and more with the team. The same thing can be said of your bank or credit union brand.

Sure, your financial institution leadership team took the initiative to craft the brand and launch it. But now, it’s definitely a team effort. In order for your brand to succeed, it takes a complete and total buy-in of not just your leadership team but also, critically, your staff. And by staff, I mean everyone — front-line, back-office, IT, HR, you name it. Everyone has to believe in the brand and live it in front of each other and in front of your consumers every day in order for it to survive.

Application Point: A number of banks and credit unions invest a great deal of time and money in creating a brand and then simply launch it to the public with little to no training for their staff. This is somewhat like taking a friend to a fishing hole jumping with fish but refusing to give him a worm for his hook. Without that training tool, your staff won’t know how to live the brand and, more importantly, cannot reasonably be expected to represent the brand to consumers.

That’s why brand training is so important. It gives your front-line staff the tools they need in order to understand the brand, live the brand and represent the brand.

If a hard-nosed loner like Bruce Wayne can learn how to work as part of the team, your staff should have a much easier job of it. Back-up your brand expectations with serious brand training and realize better results.