Lafayette Schools Credit Union is a financial institution with big priorities.

The credit union has experienced the value of training its employees, and it continues to invest significantly in growing its employees into leaders.

“I think about the mid managers who report directly to me, and I see growth” said Connie Roy, CEO of Lafayette Schools Credit Union. “They seem encouraged, and they’re learning to lean on other leaders in the credit union who have similar issues.”

That wasn’t always the culture at LSCU. Like most financial institutions, LSCU hired more people as the credit union grew. However, as the number of employees increased, the level of cohesiveness across the organization declined – so did the level of service.

No financial institution can afford to deliver unsatisfactory service – especially one heavily impacted by the bust of the oil and gas industry not that long ago. On The Mark Strategies helped LSCU management craft a customized member engagement program which defines specific service standards and staff expectations.

“We hire young people all the time and they don’t know what good service looks like,” said Roy. “With Mark’s help, we’ve come together as an organization and the expectations are crystal clear. This is who we are. This is who we serve. We broke it down, and they are getting it. They are really, getting it.”

That was the beginning of an entirely new way of doing business.

LSCU learned to invest more in employee development, including regular leadership training.

“We’ve decided that we’re done with hiring,” said Roy. “It just wasn’t working. We’re 55 employees now. We have determined that we want to grow our own leaders. Leadership all trickles down and it’s working. Leadership skills have been enhanced and they’ve been made top of mind.”

The credit union chose a customized leadership training approach through On the Mark Strategies.

“I love the way we can customize our training,” said Roy. “It centers around our needs. It’s not just a cookie-cutter PowerPoint presentation. Bringing these mid managers together has been really beneficial. The way Mark presents it, they get it, and for him to bring it in house for us is a huge cost savings. I’m not having to send six or eight people out of town at a time.”

Roy is very pleased with the results of their investment. Managers are engaged with their staff, and they exemplify the behavior they expect of their employees. Member engagement is now a way of life at LSCU, and the credit union has the cohesiveness it was lacking.

“Our member engagement program has brought consistency at all locations which is what our goal has been all along,” said Roy.