The office. For many workers, this is the place you get to around 8 AM and don’t leave until 5 PM (or after) every day, pretty much five days a week. Love or hate it, the office is the place many of us spend the majority of our time any given day.

While having a job and an office to go to every day is a terrific thing, familiarity can breed contempt. That’s why it’s important to consider moving your strategic planning session off-site rather than hosting it somewhere at your credit union facility.

Here are a few additional reasons why taking your strategic planning meeting off-site is a good idea.

  • A new location will generate new ideas. Sure, not every credit union is going to send its management team to the Bahamas, but even going to a conference room across town gets you out of your familiar surroundings and can help attendees develop new ideas.
  • A new location will lessen distractions. If you keep your strategic planning meeting at your credit union facility, odds are you encounter daily interruptions. Instead of devoting themselves to contributing to the strategic planning session, attendees are tempted to spend time checking emails, returning calls and interacting with other employees. When you take your strategic planning session off-site, these distractions aren’t nearly as much of an issue.
  • A new location will build camaraderie. Since you are meeting at the credit union, you are on anyone’s pre-designated “turf.” Office location, seniority and old-fashioned territoriality are no longer a factor. Every strategic planning session attendee, from the first year rookies to twenty-plus year veterans, are on the same playing field.

While taking your credit union strategic planning session off-site generally comes with an increased investment and requires additional time and planning, the above reasons (and many more) offset those expenditures. When you’re talking about something as important as your growth and development plan for the next five or ten years, a relatively small matter like an off-site session makes good sense.