Every bank or credit union has its own unique way of handling internal communications. How well you communicate with staff has far-reaching implications, including your culture and brand. However, there are good ways to communicate and not-so-good ways to communicate.

With that in mind, there are a few horrific words and phrases you should absolutely avoid in your content marketing strategy. These clichéd, hackneyed and over-hyped roadkills of the communications world are definitely to be avoided. Please keep an attentive eye open and delete from your vocabulary this year (and every year).

Banned Crutch Words for 2018:
  • Synergy. Or synergize or synergistic. In fact, any other variation of this corporate bizspeak abomination.
  • Touch base. Just say “let’s visit” or “let’s meet.” Or even “can we set up a time to talk?” This isn’t second grade and we’re not playing tag with someone stuck being “it.”
  • Mission-critical. Unless you work at NASA, stop saying this. You’re not putting a man on the moon.
  • Core competency. Instead of this, human beings are more likely to say (and understand) “things which I do well.”
  • Strategic dynamism. When I tried to think of something clever to say after this one, my brain literally imploded (which reminds me, stop saying “literally” before everything unless it actually literally occurred).

The way in which you craft messaging, both internally among staff and externally for your consumers, matters. For the most part, real people prefer and understand real words and phrases. Avoid the lazy content atrocities above and go with authentic language that communicates your authentic message.