Marketers are asked a lot of questions. What is the result from this campaign? When you are going to have that project complete? When is the website going to be updated? What do you do every day?

Okay, maybe that last question is a bit harsh (but I’m betting if you haven’t been asked that question, someone wants to ask it of you!).

While we get asked a lot of questions, we should also be doing some of the asking ourselves. Good marketers ask good questions. In fact, you should spend time every week doing a bit of self-analysis. You can either ask these questions at the beginning of each week (forward looking) or at the end (backwards reflecting).

But either way, be sure to ask these four questions on a weekly basis:

  • What stories are we telling?—Pure and simple, marketing is about telling stories and not about pushing products. Campaign calendars, business development schedules and marketing plans are all important. But don’t get lost in those elements and rather focus on your credit union or bank’s stories. One practical tip you can do is to have each employee, department or branch submit a weekly service or brand story to marketing about how they helped a consumer. It won’t take too long to have a pretty impressive story database from which to pull.
  • How are we improving our brand?—There is no such thing as a branding “project.” Branding is something you continually improve at your credit union or bank. Every week look for ways to enhance your brand. Examples could include telling brand stories (see above), collecting video testimonials, examining your messaging to ensure it reaches your niches and talking to staff about your brand.
  • What results are we delivering?—Marketing is not just about pretty collateral. It also is about providing financial success. A part of your weekly “To Do” list should include examining your wins. Look at campaign ROI, MCIF reports and other key data. Rather than shy away from numbers, we marketers need to embrace them. If you really want to impress your CEO then prove yourself with your numbers.
  • What do the next 30-60 days look like?—While this post’s questions focus on the immediate here and now (this week), ultimately great marketers should always focus their efforts on the future. Each week, take a step back, examine the upcoming calendar and ask what you need to accomplish now for the future.

On a personal level, I try and ask these questions of On the Mark Strategies team every week as well. It quickly helps me determine if we are on the right path or if we’ve allowed unnecessary “fires” to distract us from helping our clients. Grounding your credit union or bank in these four questions can help you achieve not just your weekly goals but also your monthly and yearly ones as well.