Hannah Pickle is a thriving professional in the high-powered marketing office of a 12-story Dallas luxury senior living community. She’s always on the go, balancing family, volunteer and night school responsibilities.

She’s also my 22-year-old roommate, a tech-savvy millennial who’s been on her own payroll since age 18, and a proud customer of Simple. She wastes no opportunity to brag about the online-only bank and often tries to convert friends.

With Simple since 2014, Pickle chose not to bank where her parents bank because, she admitted, it did not meet her needs as an independent millennial.

Here are six reasons Simple is her financial institution of choice, and why, by her own admission, she’ll likely never bank anywhere else.

(Hint: if you’re looking for effective credit union and bank marketing strategies to reach millennials and Gen Z, there are more than a few lessons to learn here.)

  1. Customer service

“They have a phone line with good hours, so I don’t feel like I have to call during work. The app has a support section where you can search all their support articles and chat with someone directly if what you’re looking for isn’t there.

They’re helpful and go above and beyond. When they made a mistake with my account, they immediately apologized and fixed the issue. Plus, they don’t charge any fees for anything, ever.”

  1. All-in-one app

“The app is unique among banking apps. It provides an envelope budgeting system I’ve never seen in a bank app itself. While several budgeting apps offer similar services, I wouldn’t be using my time well if I had to switch between different apps. Simple is easy to navigate, and has a pretty design too!”

  1. Ownership and control

“Instead of having a long list of transaction history, with Simple I can categorize my money in ways that work best for me. I know what’s going out of my account when, and I can put the money into those virtual envelopes as soon as my paycheck hits.

I can see how exactly how much I’ve spent on what, whether for the last four months or four years. I don’t want to pay a bank to be able to use my money. I want to be in control.”

  1. Removes stress

“With Simple, I can access my money easily, quickly, without obstacles and (most importantly) without standing in lines. If a crisis hits, I want to have support and help. A few months ago, I was out of town and someone stole my credit card information. Within 10 minutes, Simple shut everything down, put the money back in my account and had a new card shipped express to me. They completely removed the stress from a stressful situation.”

  1. Saves time and button pressing

“I can spend my time doing things other than standing in lines arguing with banks. In the 10 minutes it takes to walk from my car to the office, I can do all my budgeting for the next two weeks. And I can find ATMs that don’t charge fees wherever I am—all within the app.”

  1. Makes banking exciting

“Banking used to feel like a team sport with me and the bank on different teams. It wasn’t fun because I was always being sold a product. Now I feel like people want to help me, not just complete a business transaction with me.”

According to the FIS Banking Report, 72 percent of all bank interactions today are digital, with millennials having the most digital interaction. Simple bumped that number to 100 percent by going straight to millennials like Pickle, listening and responding to their needs.

No matter the size or scope of your financial institution, millennials need to be part of credit union and bank marketing strategies moving forward. Taking a page from Simple’s book might not be a bad place to start.