There’s a little boutique in the small town where I live. It sells mostly clothing, jewelry, and scented candles, but it has a unique sign above the main entrance reading, “Come Inside, We’re Awesome!”

That’s a bold statement coming from any retailer, let alone a small boutique in a small town!

The sign says many things beyond those four simple words. It says the shop believes in who they are and what they provide. It says they have a culture and products worth your investment.

If only more credit union and bank branding could boast of a culture bold and brave enough to inscribe a similar sign above the entrances to all their branches!

Think about it — does your credit union or bank brand believe in itself enough to advertise in such a way? Do you have the faith and confidence in your culture, your staff and your marketing outreach to place such a gutsy invitation above every doorframe? If you do, terrific. If not — why?

This question goes to the very heart of your financial institution’s brand and culture. You either believe in what you do and who you are or you don’t.

Or, worse, you pay lip service to brand and culture—lip service which most savvy consumers will quickly see through.

Do you have the right brand culture in place to back up an invitation like the one in that shop? Do you have the right people in place to not just talk this kind of talk but walk the walk it requires? And, compellingly, do you have buy-in from your leadership team to give guidance and direction to a similar vein of authentic brand and culture confidence?