If your credit union or bank’s website were a dating profile, what first impression would you be giving prospects?

Are you the hip, attractive guy who runs five miles a day with his golden retriever, or are you the disheveled old guy with a broken tooth?

First impressions are everything…in dating and in banking.

Here are three negative first impressions a good website can help your credit union or bank avoid.

1. Slow

A slow website immediately tells consumers, “These people can’t meet my needs when I need them to be met.” If your website has a long load time, then consumers—regardless of whether they’re already your member or customer—will get impatient and simply go somewhere else for what they need. No one likes a date that shows up an hour late.

2. Inaccessible

If your website is difficult to navigate, then consumers will automatically label your credit union or bank as “high maintenance.” Frankly, most consumers already don’t like banking. Credit union and bank websites, then, must be completely intuitive and user friendly if consumers are going to come back. No one wants a high maintenance relationship.

3. Outdated

If your website still uses Comic Sans font and a basic two-color design, then you’re not just telling consumers you’re outdated: you’re screaming it. Your website is saying, “We’re out of touch with the times, and we’re out of touch with you.” Consumers today expect you to be Amazon. No one wants to be seen with old guy.

Tip: Even if your website looks nice, it can’t just match your brand visually. It has to deliver the same level of service your employees deliver in person. And in most cases, you don’t get a second chance. You have to get it right the first time or consumers won’t come back.

You’d be surprised how many of these first impressions we get when conducting marketing audits for credit unions and banks of all sizes. But an updated website with a design and structure catered to your market’s unique needs can, and will, change your marketing game.