If your brand were a song, what song would it be?


There’s no right or wrong way to answer the question, but there are two distinct ways that music helps build your credit union or bank’s brand. How you approach these two strategic issues will determine if your brand lands at the top of the charts, or if it stays in the shadows.


1. Taking pulse


Since brand is an all-senses, 360° element, looking at it through the lens of music makes sense. Just like every song and every genre is different, every brand is different too. (At least it should be. If you’re playing copycat with another brand, then you have another problem.)


Think of everyone involved with your brand:


  • Staff
  • Executive team
  • Managers
  • Board of directors
  • Members/customers


When they all answer the question, “What song would our brand be?” you get a clear idea of your current brand culture.


For example, is it a beloved golden oldie, a generation-defining anthem, a current fan favorite or a flash in the pan?


The answer helps you take pulse of your credit union or bank’s brand culture. If the tune your people are hearing isn’t the same tune you think you’re playing, then it’s time to take serious inventory and identify the gaps in your brand.

2. Having fun


Credit unions and banks that immerse themselves in their brand experience can—and should—have fun in the process.


Take a look at these examples:


  • A credit union in upstate New York produced a series of rap-themed brand songs and videos for staff training.
  • A Louisiana financial institution took their brand song in a Southern Gospel direction.
  • A credit union in South Carolina found a natural connection between their brand and the 1979 hit “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge
  • A financial institution in the Chicago suburbs took their brand theme and changed it into a competitive cheer.


These all came after their executive leaders decided to build stronger brands, conducted intensive journey mapping to define exactly the consumer experience they wanted to deliver, and involved staff in immersive all-staff training.


The result?


A brand beat everyone can dance to.


Using music to represent your brand to your staff helps take a big brand idea and make it tangible. Staff can relate to a brand even better when it’s represented by a well-known song and genuinely enjoy seeing their executive leadership team perform these songs (as well as participating themselves).


So, if your credit union brand was expressed by a song, what song would it be and why? The answer could be more compelling (and important for your future growth) than you think.


PS – I’m secretly still pulling for a credit union or bank to land on the Guns N’ Roses 1991 hard-rocking classic You Could Be Mine. That song totally pounds the notes and, when you look at the title through a financial institution lens, sure speaks to growth.