If you love someone you tend to kiss them. Your significant other. Your kids. Your pet. And whether you love (or hate) your marketing and marketing strategy, it’s time you KISS it as well.


KISS is a simple acronym you can use when it comes to analyzing your marketing strategy. All credit unions and banks have gaps when it comes to communicating your messages effectively. And the best way to discover those gaps is to analyze your marketing.


As you review or audit your marketing, use the KISS acronym and method. And no, in this context KISS does not stand for Keep It Simple Stupid.


Rather when looking at your marketing look for things you should Keep, Improve, Stop or Start.


Let’s break down each of the four letters:


  • Keep—Hopefully there are items in your marketing or branding that are going extremely well. Maybe it’s your digital strategy, your promotions or even your employee engagement. You need to know what is effective so you can keep those items. Calculating a return on investment (ROI) for every promotion is critical, but that’s not enough. You also need to go granular with your review and know which elements of your promotions were most effective (so you can keep them).


  • Improve—Sometimes certain efforts may not be a total home run but they are somewhat successful. Maybe it’s how you are using Facebook or LinkedIn, how you are building your brand or how you are implementing video. Perhaps there are areas that just a simple tweak could yield huge results. You need to know the difference between a wholesale change and a mere update.


  • Stop— If you’ve been in marketing for any length of time you’ve failed at some point. Failure is okay. Repeated failure is stupid. If there are things you are doing in your marketing that simply aren’t working, then give yourself permission to stop doing them! Perhaps it’s outdoor advertising, direct mail or having too many tabs on your home page. A deep dive into your marketing should reveal several tools that are ineffective and you should no longer use.


  • Start—The lifeblood of any marketing department is new ideas. Your credit union or bank is looking at marketing to bring innovation to the organization. So there are always things in marketing you should try. Maybe it’s start cutting the copy, start using video testimonials or start a member experience journey map and program. If it’s been over six months since you’ve done something new in marketing then you probably have stale marketing.


One of the best ways to determine what in your marketing you should keep, improve, stop or start is to conduct a marketing audit or review. A marketing audit is not a “gotcha audit” but rather a “helpya audit.” Too many times we are too close to our own marketing to see what we should keep, improve, stop or start. An outsider’s view will help make your marketing better immediately. As one of our clients said recently, “The marketing audit was the best thing our credit union has ever done.”


Do you love your marketing? Do consumers love your marketing? If so, it’s time to start KISSing your marketing and marketing strategy.


Please note that I use Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner system as an amazing organizational tool. The above KISS acronym is used weekly in the Full Focus planner as a productivity tool to optimize your week. (But as you can see, the acronym also works to review your marketing as well).