In sales they say, “always be closing.” For leadership, the phrase should be “always be reading.”
Inc. reports that most executives read four to five books a month. Don’t have time carved out (yet) to consume that much content? Many don’t. Start with your inbox and skim the headlines from leadership thought leaders both in and outside our industry.

To get you started, here are six email updates every leader should subscribe to.

1. “The 3-2-1 Newsletter” from James Clear
The best-selling author of “Atomic Habits” delivers bite-sized tips on sticking to your habits and living the life you really want. His nuggets of wisdom will stay with you all week.
2. “The Non-Obvious Insights Newsletter” from Rohit Bhargava
Get five to six make-you-think stories to your inbox every week with insights on why they matter to you as a leader.
3. “The Marked for Success Minute” from On The Mark Strategies
This one is specific to the financial services industry. Get the latest on strategic thinking, branding and marketing, plus tips from your peers on what they’ve done to succeed.
4. “Leadership Freak” from Dan Rockwell
Daily leadership insights delivered right to your inbox. Rockwell, a leadership expert, claims to “empower leaders 300 words at a time” and definitely delivers on that promise.
5. “Evangelist Marketing” from Alex Goldfayn
A weekly pep-talk from one of the top sales experts in the country. Goldfayn has authored five best-selling books on how to grow your business, and his emails bring that insight to your inbox.
6. “Total Annarchy” from Ann Handley
Every leader must be able to write well. Handley’s bi-weekly emails will give you the tips and examples you need to get there, plus more than a few laughs along the way.
Ready to bring leadership insights to your management team in a clear, systemized way so they start thinking like owners? Have them subscribe to these email updates every leader should subscribe to and then ask us about customized leadership training today!