Taylor is a veteran of the marketing, public relations, writing, teaching and speaking fields with almost twenty years of experience in a variety of industries. He began his career as a radio news and sports director before transitioning into marketing and public relations roles.

While specializing in credit unions and financial institutions, he also offers practical knowledge and insights to share from non-profit, national defense and franchising. Taylor has contributed to a wide variety of regional and national professional trade journals and mass media publications and broadcasts. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) degree from Angelo State University.

Taylor’s scope of knowledge also covers key fields including speaking, branding, strategic planning, corporate communications, social media applications for large and small businesses, business development, entrepreneurism and business start-ups. He is also co-author of the latest book from On The Mark Strategies, Marked for Success.

While passionate about communications and branding, Taylor’s greatest joy and job is fatherhood. He is an active Cub Scout and Girl Scout volunteer, as well as a multi-year youth sports coach, school activities and church volunteer.


Taylor W. Wells
Communications Director



Taylor did a good job showing how brand touches everything. He used all kinds of games. One I remember in particular was a Jeopardy game that really brought to light the brand and how brands are recognized out in the world. At first, our employees kind of dreaded going to the training because they thought it was going to be too long, and they really didn’t understand what brand is. By the end of the session, they all knew and they enjoyed it.
Karen Harbin

CEO, Commonwealth Credit Union

Taylor does a wonderful job bringing in the complex marketing issues, thoughts and topics down to a level where all staff can understand it. He has great illustrations and stories to tell that help our employees fully grasp the concept of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, the money we spend and how that can really propel the organization for future years.
Jason Cortney

VP of Human Resources, UniWyo Federal Credit Union

Working with Taylor has been a phenomenal experience. He has taken a very difficult name change process and made it easy for us. He held our hand the entire time, calmed us when we needed it and pushed us forward, as well.
Racheal Mattioni

CEO, Forge Credit Union

Taylor was very easy to work with. His session was a great fit, and his evaluations showed that the attendees not only got a lot out of his session, but walked away with a lot of applicable information and understanding. Taylor is low maintenance, easy to work with, quick to respond and willing to be flexible. Organizations can know they will learn from him and understand his information.
Julianne Talley

Events Director, League of Southern Credit Unions

Taylor came in and did a couple of weeks of training with us, and he really helped our staff to understand what branding is. Taylor is so laid back and open. He’s very open and willing to share his experiences and knowledge, and he encourages questions. Taylor has a great personality and is also very funny. He kept people’s attention, that’s for sure.
Travis Flora

Cultures and Values Officer, Commonweatlh Credit Union

The insight that Taylor presented was very helpful and enlightening. It’s a daunting challenge to tackle something like marketing that has a lot of intangibles associated with it. To have someone like Taylor explain that in easy-to-understand terms and also have the ability to implement that is something I found very helpful.
John Hancock

Chairman, Security Bank, Texas Bankers Association Marketing Conference