Choosing a partner to help your financial institution grow can be challenging. How can you be sure the one you choose will provide the right balance of knowledge and results? The case studies below provide insight on how On The Mark Strategies has helped other financial institutions succeed.

UniWyo Federal Credit Union always had a great logo, but it needed a great brand. The credit union got much more than that when it rebranded.

Billion-dollar Credit Union of Texas dove into a branding revamp and harvests record checking account growth, loan growth and improved net Promoter Score (NPS).

Smart Financial’
s new brand transformed it from a financial institution providing good service to a financial institution that creates memorable experiences for its members.

Denver Community Credit Union went into its rebrand seeking clarification on who it was and who it wanted to serve. Armed with that information, the credit union now nurtures its brand daily from the inside out.

Commonwealth Credit Union took its strong internal culture and transformed it into a strong brand. The result is greater community involvement and better recognition in its marketplaces.

Heart of Louisiana Credit Union used to be USDA Federal Credit Union. When it changed its name to Heart of Louisiana, members showed the credit union more love than the staff ever dreamed they could.

Caro had a name tied to a local education community for decades. Its new name positions it for future growth while paying homage to its legacy members.

Forge Credit Union was once PST EFCU. As the credit union grew, its core membership base outgrew its name. The credit union needed a name that would position it for future growth.

Rio Grande Credit Union wanted to know how it compared to its competition. A marketing audit provided that insight while helping the credit union turn its brand gaps into competitive advantages.


Arizona’s First Credit Union uses marketing audit results to better focus brand energy, improve team cohesion and refine key membership targets.

Illinois-based Rock Valley Credit Union finds consistency, clarity and over a year of consecutive monthly positive loan growth since having a marketing audit.

People’s Credit Union invests in updated brand and enjoys better marketplace leverage, employee brand clarity and dramatically improved loan promotions.

Roanoke Postal Credit Union needed a new name after obtaining a community charter. After becoming Blue Eagle Credit Union, it saw 16.5% loan growth in one year.

Formerly Dallas Telco Federal Credit Union, GO Federal Credit Union required a new name to maximize its community charter. In addition to a new name, it got a brand that rejuvenated the credit union.

Lafayette Schools Federal Credit Union needed to standardize its service across all delivery channels and branches. It’s now an industry benchmark in delivering memorable experiences.