Denver Community Credit Union


Denver Community Credit Union needed to rejuvenate its brand by defining who they were and who they wanted to serve.


The credit union hired On The Mark Strategies for its re-brand. Their leadership team spent two days in a brand workshop dissecting who they were, what their mission was, who their target demographics were and what was important for them to portray to their members. All staff also went through brand training created and facilitated by On The Mark Strategies. The training put all employees on the same page and helped them understand not just what the brand is, but why branding is so important and how it impacts Denver Community Credit Union.


Denver Community Credit Union has experienced increased employee engagement, because employees now have a brand they can connect with. The credit union has enhanced its new employee training to ensure that brand is the first priority. They spend six hours learning about the brand mission, vision and tagline and what their role will be to live that brand daily. Member feedback from the new brand focus has been positive.



Location: Denver, Colorado
Assets: $319 million
Members: 28,000

I would definitely recommend On The Mark Strategies to other credit unions wanting to explore their brand and rejuvenate their brand. Mark is very engaging. He’s sympathetic to the uniqueness of the credit union, and we just found it an enormously fun event. Considering that it’s such a big decision to change your brand, Mark made it a very enjoyable experience and we’ve been living the brand every day.

Tessa Bonfante

Co-CEO , Denver Community Credit Union