Heart of Louisiana Credit Union


Formerly known as USDA Federal Credit Union, Heart of Louisiana CU needed a new name to reflect its new identity. The credit union converted to a community charter and required a new name and brand identity to succeed.


Mark Arnold assisted the credit union through every phase of the name change process, including help with strategic branding and messaging. Along with this came staff training and a strategic planning session that led directly to new vision and message for staff and a new acronym (HEART) for staff messaging that played off the credit union name (saying Hello with a smile, Engage the member, Ask how we can help, Refer a new benefit, say Thank you). Extensive sales and service training was also conducted for staff and management. The credit union has also retained Mark’s services for several years with assistance with marketing, sales and service training, strategic planning, advanced sales and leadership training.


The new name helped re-introduce the credit union to a much wider field of potential new members. Staff training helped keep employees excited about the name change and branding process.


Location: Pineville, Louisiana
Assets: $102 million
Members: 16,000

The name came from what we already were doing. It was very organic. Mark is very good at getting the ideas out and getting folks to open up and talk about things. It came from our roots. It came from what we already do, which is really get to know our members. We had the foundation. Mark helped us uncover it.

Cindy Beauregard

CEO, Heart of Louisiana Credit Union