Meritus Credit Union


Meritus Credit Union needed to standardize its service across all delivery channels and branches. The credit union’s branches are spread out and each one had a different culture.


Meritus CU enlisted On The Mark Strategies to help create its customized member experience program. The credit union’s leadership team spent several days in a session with On The Mark Strategies journey mapping what their members should experience at every touch point and how employees will execute that. The team decided it wanted its members to feel like an old friend. On The Mark Strategies helped the credit union launch the program to all employees, which included training customized to the Meritus CU experience.


Service is now standardized at every location and every touchpoint. No matter which branch members visit, they receive the same level of service. But it goes beyond that. With its member experience program in place, Meritus CU has accomplished what many financial institutions dream of. Members come in just to hang out. They grab a cookie or some lemonade, surf the internet or just visit – just like an old friend.



Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Assets: $204,000 million
Members: 21,000

There was no question who we were going to use to help us create our member experience program. How wonderful that you can work with someone as a partner and as a friend, and he can bring to the table more than just one resource. Mark understands who we are, understands our culture and understands what our objectives are. He’s a one stop shop for everything we need, not just member experience.

Connie Roy

CEO, Meritus Credit Union