Smart Financial


Smart Financial has always provided good service, but it didn’t really have a strong brand. The credit union’s vision was outdated and complicated, and employees were serving the members well but not forming relationships. The credit union needed a new brand and a new way to define member service.


On The Mark Strategies spent an entire year working closely with Smart Financial. On the Mark Strategies conducted a marketing audit, which included mystery shopping Smart Financial’s branches and its competitors’ branches. It also navigated Smart Financial’s leadership team through a brand workshop, during which they established a new mission and new messaging.

All employees attended brand training designed and facilitated by On The Mark Strategies to create employee buy-in to the new brand. With its new brand in place, Smart Financial was ready to begin its Member Experience program. Smart’s leadership team, along with other key players in member service, completed a two-day workshop with On The Mark Strategies. During the workshop, they journey mapped the member experience at all touch points and outlined in great details what steps employees must take to execute that experience. All employees attended training on the new member experience program, which included accountability measures for non-compliance.


Smart Financial completely changed the way it does business. It has evolved from a financial institution providing good service to a financial institution that creates memorable experiences for its members. As a result, employees now engage with members and are forming deeper relationships with them. Smart Financial saw the positive impact of its member program during a recent hurricane that devastated so many communities where its members live. The combination of branding and member experience has transformed Smart Financial into a more family-type atmosphere for both employees and members.



Location: Houston, Texas
Assets: $700 million
Members: 77,000 members

Mark is an amazing leader with a tremendous amount of experience. The whole team and the On The Mark Strategies process really makes it easy to understand and dismantle things that we were doing in the past, start with a clean sheet of paper and chart our future. Mark makes it almost to the point where you don’t even know you’re doing it at times, which is why I think the way we executed it, it went really fast. We were able to achieve some quick wins in the short-term process.

Urjit Patel

Senior Vice President, Member Experience, Smart Financial