Taylor Wells
Experience Director

Engage,Educate and Entertain – three key values that drive how On The Mark StrategiesExperience Director Taylor W. Wells approaches partnering with credit unions and other organizations. With decades of experience working inside and now partnering alongside financial institutions, Taylor relates directly to the challenges and daily lives of boards, leadership teams and staff.


Taylor proudly serves as Experience Director for On The Mark Strategies, an amazing group of dynamic teammates that partner with credit unions and other organizations to help achieve their strategic goals.


“I remember going to mandatory trainings when I worked at credit unions and being bored to tears while learning next to nothing,” Taylor shares. “I always thought if I had the chance to do that job, I’d take a different approach.” At a recent credit union member experience training an employee who overheard the class remarked“This doesn’t sound like a typical training, it sounds like stand-up comedy with people actually learning something.” That’s just how Taylor likes it, believing the best way for people to learn is while having fun in the process.


Taylor is a renowned speaker, author and industry expert in strategic planning, branding, member experience, workplace change dynamics, marketing, name changes and employee engagement/training. With an innate knack for connecting with staff on an empathetic level, Taylor truly enjoys helping credit unions grow by inspiring, educating and challenging Industry professionals. With a passion for helping people and seeing the credit union industry thrive, Taylor always seeks fun and engaging ways for credit unions to enhance their bottom line metrics and overall relevancy in the minds and hearts of consumers.


Taylor is a former instructor at the CUES School of Strategic Marketing, a nationwide speaker and co-author of Marked for Success: DailyIdeas to Help Your Financial Institution Succeed. Taylor’s career has included broadcast media, financial institutions, defense contracting and franchise marketing. He holds a BA inJournalism from Angelo State University.


When not partnering with clients, you’ll likely find Taylor raising his three amazing children, telling Dad jokes, ad-libbing songs about how much he loves his beautiful wife, fishing, enjoying a good cigar and cheering louder than anyone for his beloved Atlanta Braves.

Taylor Wells

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