Wesley Odom
Digital Marketing Coordinator
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Wesley is an experienced graphic designer, marketer and video creator. He works with credit unions around the country to extend their brand throughout all digital channels. Using the knowledge and experience gained by working on the frontlines of a credit union, Wesley helps credit unions share their stories with their communities.

Prior to joining On The Mark Strategies, Wesley spent years as a teller and then eventually joined the marketing team at his local credit union. He also does design and social media work for his church.

Wesley has described himself as a creative geek, jumping at the opportunity to work with and learn just about anything. Outside of his love of design, he is also known to play a few musical instruments (with a particular fondness for the synthesizer). He is passionate about technology and has been key in implementing and managing many integral systems to his church’s volunteer structure and live broadcast.

Wesley Odom

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Wesley Odom