Caro Credit Union

For 50 years Carolina Collegiate Federal Credit Union had a name that reflected its original ties to a local education community. As the credit union’s need to grow beyond that became apparent, the executive team wanted a new name that would pay homage to its education ties while sounding more inclusive to other members eligible to join its field of membership.

During the credit union’s strategic planning and branding workshop session, facilitated by On The Mark Strategies, the need for a name change became clear and more evident. The time spent in dialogue determined the credit union’s mission, key demographics, messaging and overall brand identity. Armed with those branding elements, executives then participated in a three day guided name change process to select a final name. On The Mark Strategies presented thirty-five names with definitions and rational behind each name. The credit union selected Caro – Smart Financial and is now positioned to better compete in its respective markets.

Highlighted below are several slides from the branding and naming process: